Saturday, July 2, 2011

For a mama or daddy in need...

A super sweet and wonderful mama is donating her POTM spot to a family in need since her little one is potty training. This will be 100% free being that she has already paid for shipping. Please post in the comments if you are interested in the diaper including your email so I can contact the winner and feel free to spread the love! I'm sure there are tons of mamas and daddies out there that would love to try a WAHM diaper and just can't afford it. I'm sure she or he would love to hear about this. This is obviously going to be going on the honor system. Please only enter if you are a mama or daddy in need. Jani and I will choose a winner on the Saturday, July 9th. Good luck everyone!!!

The diaper details...
  • Cute outer print
  • Hidden PUL layer in the the shell
  • CV or OBV against baby
  • Three step snap down rise or fold over
  • The insert is made from 6 layers of hemp bamboo fleece all topped with CV or OBV for nothing but super soft velour against baby's bum.
  • My PnT inserts are backed with a layer of PUL to help keep the wetness off the shell and in the insert where it belongs. Some mamas have actually used these are a AI2 changing out the insert as needed.
The rules...
  • Like my Facebook fan page.
  • Subscribe to this blog.
  • Comment with your name, email address, and why you would like to be chosen.
  • Closed to new entrants on the 8th of July at 12 pm.
  • Again, I am running this on the honor system. Please, oh please, enter only if you are a mama or daddy in need.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some pictures...

Being that I have been horrible about updating every month with my shop's featured baby of the month here are some of the most recent winners...

And June's Featured Baby of the Month is Ms. Mardie wearing her tiny roses PnT.


I am so bad at this! Things have been busy in lil' Poo land. I took a "break" from my business. What did this mean? I concentrated on my diaper of the month club and made custom diapers. lol Not that much of a vacation huh? I am now working my way away from the constant requirement of the POTMC. While it had its fun moments it is a stress causer and steals the enjoyment away from my job. Last night I stocked some adorable swim diapers and tomorrow some custom spots. I haven't really decided whether or not I will officially announce this on Facebook or just drop hints and see whom discovers what sneakiness I have up my sleeve.

Sometimes being a work at home mom can be down right stressful. Its hours upon hours of work, time away from my family and my home. Sometimes I want to quit and then I get that wonderful email from a mama that just got her new diaper or I make something truly stunning and I am reminded of why I continue to do this.

What's up in mama land? I discovered an independent makeup company, Madd Style Cosmetics. thanks to a wonderful BBC mama and fell in love! I lost myself when we had Terry. I stopped really taking care of myself. Its been fun to take 10-15 minutes most days to do something for me. It has increased my self esteem and my husband seems to love it. And you know what... its just plain fun!!! I get to be creative in a new way as well as learning something new.

We also took some family time and went to an event. Josh and I have been playing in the SCA for years but we haven't gone since the very beginning of my pregnancy with Terry. We had a great time!!! Sure its a lot of work. Sure there's the stress of keeping track of the kids and trying to keep some sense on normalcy so that their schedules and behavior is thrown way off course. BUT... it was wonderful going back to something that is near and dear to our hearts and seeing old friends. That weekend was refreshing for my spirit. I felt like me again. A person. Not just mom and WAHM. I have decided that we'll go to at least one more event this year.

Coming in the near future... Ms. Abby from Itsy Bitsy Bums LLC contacted me wanting to do another WAHMlight feature with me. How could I tell her no? Its been so wonderful working with her in the past. So... come July there will be some lil' Pooligans featured in her store. This will be a limited stocking of Nighty Nights in color combinations inspired by summer. Be sure to check her out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad Fabric Update

So though much research and many, many emails the problem seems to have been narrowed down between early November and late January. The inserts that are most likely to develop these runs in a stocking type holes feel noticeably thinner than preceding Poos and the most current Poos. I am not totally sure if the February roll is also a bad batch but I am pretty sure that it is being that some responses are from mamas that received their diapers in March. PLEASE... if you have a problem let me know. My supplier is trying to get me a replacement roll and I will be spending many, many hours making new inserts to replace the ones that are messed up. I cannot replace your insert if I am not aware. Again... please send picture and approximate date you received your diaper/s to

Monday, August 16, 2010

IMPORTANT: past and present lil' Pooligans customers please read

I have discovered a issue with my hemp bamboo fleece. I'm not sure which batches of fabric and thus diapers are affected but this is really, really frustrating. My earlier purchases and subsequent sales (August-October) don't seem to be affected but later purchases (November-February) when the rolls of hemp bamboo fabric became a bit thinner are affected. So far my most recent purchases seem to be fine but they haven't gone through as much laundering yet. So... this is what I am observing: The hemp bamboo launders fine for awhile and then it starts to develop holes and thin lines. Then all of the sudden the holes get bigger and bigger and after a couple of washes the outer layer of hemp bamboo practically disintegrates and resembles swiss cheese. I witnessed this first hand with one of my nighty nights and the inner layer of hemp bamboo appeared to be fine as you can see in the below picture. I have seen this crop up with others diapers as well. PLEASE email me with pictures and date you received your diaper/s at if you too are experiencing this same problem. I have contacted my fabric supplier and she has contacted hers. I have been asked to send her inserts that show this in its worst state. I hope that this is resolved in a timely and mutually satisfying way. I will keep everyone updated.

A very frustrated Ange'

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August's Featured Baby of the Month ...

The Featured Baby, Store Updates, and Policies

July's Featured Baby is Natalia! She is sporting her Betty Boop Fitted. Congrats mama and baby! Every month I will select a new picture. The winner will receive a 40% discount code towards and regular OSFM diaper. Please email up to three pictures to if you would like to be considered titled ___'s featured baby of the month. Submissions must be received by the 1st of the month to be considered and I will pick the new baby on or around the 7th.

9/04/10 Announcement!!! I am going to be slowly transitioning over to colored cotton velour. This is good and bad... Good because there are more colors available and it will reduce the price of CV inner diapers. Bad because some prefer OBV. All natural inners will continue to be OBV.