Saturday, July 2, 2011

For a mama or daddy in need...

A super sweet and wonderful mama is donating her POTM spot to a family in need since her little one is potty training. This will be 100% free being that she has already paid for shipping. Please post in the comments if you are interested in the diaper including your email so I can contact the winner and feel free to spread the love! I'm sure there are tons of mamas and daddies out there that would love to try a WAHM diaper and just can't afford it. I'm sure she or he would love to hear about this. This is obviously going to be going on the honor system. Please only enter if you are a mama or daddy in need. Jani and I will choose a winner on the Saturday, July 9th. Good luck everyone!!!

The diaper details...
  • Cute outer print
  • Hidden PUL layer in the the shell
  • CV or OBV against baby
  • Three step snap down rise or fold over
  • The insert is made from 6 layers of hemp bamboo fleece all topped with CV or OBV for nothing but super soft velour against baby's bum.
  • My PnT inserts are backed with a layer of PUL to help keep the wetness off the shell and in the insert where it belongs. Some mamas have actually used these are a AI2 changing out the insert as needed.
The rules...
  • Like my Facebook fan page.
  • Subscribe to this blog.
  • Comment with your name, email address, and why you would like to be chosen.
  • Closed to new entrants on the 8th of July at 12 pm.
  • Again, I am running this on the honor system. Please, oh please, enter only if you are a mama or daddy in need.


  1. I've liked your page on FB for quite awhile and I'm a new follower of your blog. Thank you to you and the donating mama!
    Megan - mommymegan09@yahoo dot com
    I am interested in this diaper as I am currently clothing two children. While I am thankful that daycare is willing to cloth the baby (unwilling with my 2 year old, but he goes in with a wet bag and wearing cloth every morning--they can't stand it), I have just been informed that I am no longer able to provide them with prefolds and covers. I have to have the baby in pocket or aio/2 style in order for them to continue to be willing to cloth while in their care. It's very frustrating and disheartening as I cannot afford to buy replacement diapers! I had been gifted the prefolds and covers and it helped me to fall in love with cloth diapering my children.
    With my daughter born as a preemie, then finally starting back to work only to end up back in the hospital with both children having rsv--we have been struggling. This diaper could be worn by my 2 year old, then passed down to the baby before being shared with someone else to continue the good will.
    Thank you for considering my family for this wonderful gift!

  2. Awesome, Ange! This is one of my favorite prints. How fantastic that she is donating this fab diaper!

  3. Hi! I'm from the OT board and have been wanting to get into cloth diapering since I was pregnant with my daughter over two years ago. Unfortunately my husband, who was going to be a SAHD due to sudden job loss, vetoed it because he was picturing old pinned rags and rubber pants. Now that our second child is here, I am the one who is a SAHM due to sudden job loss. I am hoping that I can convince my husband that it will be worth the initial investment if I show him how easy the new all-in-one diapers are, but because we are short one income even small purchases are a hardship for our little family right now.

    I really want to be able to cloth diaper to save money, avoid the re-occurring diaper rash my babies suffer from, and because the diapers are just so cute! Thank you for considering me and my family for this!


  4. Hello, I am a follower on FB and a follower of your blog. I would love this diaper as soon I will have two in diapers. We have enough to cloth one but not two and this new one was a total surprise for us and we cannot afford to buy more diapers. It is so sweet of this momma to donate a diaper to those in need.

  5. I feel like such a booger head. I never announced the winner! Megan, mama #1 you won a totally free lil Poo <3

  6. Well, I think you're an awesome head, no butts or boogers about it :) Thank you again so very much, very excited to get some poo! :D